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Scattered Dreams

Garden of Dreams - silver necklace

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Garden of Dreams - reminiscent of a blooming garden

Relax and stroll through a magical garden where nature's artistry is in full bloom. The air is filled with the delicate fragrance of a thousand blossoms, as vibrant petals sway in harmonious dance. Each step takes you deeper into a world where colours burst forth, where time stands still, and where the very essence of life blooms with beauty that is truly breathtaking.

Garden of Dreams features four gemstones:

  • pink sapphire round cut 1.4mm 
  • peach sapphire baguette cut 4.5mm x 2mm
  • peach sapphire pear cut 5mm x 3.2mm
  • blue sapphire pear cut 4mm x 3mm

Pendant and chain:

  • Pendant is made from continuum silver and is 20mm in diameter
  • 45cm cable link chain

Introducing Scattered Dreams, our unique pendant necklace collection.

When we designed this collection, our vision was to create exquisite pieces that represent a glistening star in the night sky of your imagination. A constellation of stones dances freely, capturing the essence of your aspirations and weaving them into a brilliant, tangible dream.

Carefully selected gemstones of varying shapes, sizes, and colours are expertly arranged within a continuum sterling silver circle, guaranteeing that no two pendants in the Scattered Dreams collection are ever the same. This ensures that each piece possesses an intrinsic value, making it a uniquely irreplaceable treasure.

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Garden of Dreams - silver necklace
Garden of Dreams

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