Repairs policy

Third-party collections

Jubilee Jewellers requires written permission by the signatory. The name will need to be the same as on their photo identification. At the time of collection, the details of the photo identification will be recorded on the form along with the collector’s signature.

Any representation by Jubilee Jewellers staff in-store and/or on receipt of the jewellery for repair, shall not be relied upon by you, the customer, as an assessment of the value, quality, or authenticity of the jewellery item.

Repair assessment

An assessment will be carried out by a qualified expert prior to any repair taking place. If the jeweller finds any extra work they deem necessary, you will be contacted and told of any extra work along with pricing.

Any extra work will be recorded on the repair form along with the customers acceptance or decline of work.

Any such assessment shall not be relied upon by you, the customer, unless that assessment has occurred by a qualified expert.


Jubilee Jewellers accepts no liability in respect of any and all jewellery repairs or delays arising from jewellery repairs which we note are at the customer’s risk and this includes shipping to, from and while at Jubilee Jewellers premises. 

In addition, where you have provided a treated gemstone to Jubilee Jewellers, and where this has not been disclosed to Jubilee Jewellers at the time of receipt of the gemstone for repair, Jubilee Jewellers takes no responsibility for the change of condition of the gemstone due to the repair requiring the removal of any internal and external treatments of the gemstones.

Similarly, Jubilee Jewellers accept no responsibility for metals that are chipped, cracked, fractured, damaged or not authentic, or where such an item is discovered during the course of the repair to contain metals that are chipped, cracked, poorly constructed, fractured, damaged or not authentic.

Uncollected goods

In the event that you leave uncollected goods with us for over 90 days, you agree that Jubilee Jewellers may: -

Dispose of uncollected goods by way of disposal, auction or private sale for fair value, if you the customer have failed to collect the goods, provided we have given you written notice of our intention to dispose of the goods and you have failed to collect the goods.


Jubilee Jewellers repaired goods come with a one year guarantee on quality of workmanship from the date such goods are collected from Jubilee Jewellers. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of workmanship of any repaired item, simply bring your repaired item in store for further assessment. 

Any guarantee noted on your repair does not include damage or issues that arise from wear, accidental damage, misuse or abuse.