3d printing service

custom built rings to your specification

3d printing is revolutionizing the jewellery world. 

At Jubilee we offer traditional hand crafting as well as the most advanced 3D printing .We have invested in the latest 3d printer ,one so accurate that it can easily print details which measure half the width of a human hair .
Now we can take your dreams to another level and make a model that you can try on ,view from all directions, try out different size diamonds and see how it looks and feels.Before it is made.You can even take it home and discuss features with your partner. 
Our highly skilled "master goldsmiths" will work with you to design and create jewellery that perfectly reflects your style and personal taste. Whatever idea you have in mind, our team can bring it to life. Maybe you have old jewellery that is just not your style? Bring your collection into Jubilee Jewellers and we can redesign, remake or recycle it. For more information, please contact us or visit our store in Wellington.

Custom Design,the 3d way

                                                               A 3d journey to find the perfect ring .
The beginning of the Story......
Which height is best for my hand?
designer steve sketching the concept
Which diamond is the right size for me? 
end result sapphire with diamonds set out in Plasticine
This is the one
jubilee creation halfway through process
Lets' try it on
gems placed in setting prior to finishing and placement
The finished  perfect ring 
end result sapphire ring
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