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Do you have a collection of jewellery but are unsure of its value? Want to divide your jewellery up fairly? Want to know just how good a deal you have got on some overseas purchases? Are you having a dispute with your partner?

An accurate and dependable appraisal of your jewellery is vital for all these needs and uses and to ensure sufficient insurance coverage. Jubilee Jewellers provide reliable appraisals on all types of jewellery. Make certain that you know the real value of your heirlooms, antiques and jewellery. Contact our team in Wellington today.

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Accurate appraisals ( based on facts in the market place )

Your jewellery can mean more than money, so we take the time to make sure we do the job right. We use modern techniques and advanced equipment to accurately gauge the worth of your gems and jewellery. From antique to contemporary pieces, we provide fast and reliable appraisals. As well as being just gemmologists. We are fully certified and qualified gem and jewellery appraisers and our jewellery valuer. Steve is one of the most experienced and qualified gems and jewellery valuers in New Zealand.
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Independent (unbiased value opinions )

Because we are not contracted to either retail jewellers or insurance companies, we simply provide unbiased options of value that can be relied upon for, your insurance, resale, legal or whether you just want to know how good a deal you actually got while traveling. We can make your worries disappear.  

Security (high)

Our premises are protected with a Hi-tech and monitored alarm system along with internal business practices. You can have peace of mind knowing your precious jewellery is in safe hands.

Worries (none)

We take special care of your jewellery during the entire process, we can value while you wait. Should you be worried about your gemstones we can discuss gemstone features, check diamond numbers and supply photographs of your gems in advance to give you that extra peace of mind.

Price (Very competitive)

You know that good quality doesn’t come cheap but because we work direct to you and not through a middle man we offer you savings in nearly all areas, making us one of the most competitive gems and jewellery valuation services around.

Updates (no need in reinvent the wheel)

Have you had your jewellery valued before by a gemmologist? Then we can update and upgrade the valuation to reflect current market prices and condition. This service is much less expensive as we do not wish to reinvent the wheel.

Service (very good)

Did you know that before we value we can clean and polish your jewellery at the same time. During this process our jewellers will check each and every stone for security, any loose stones are tightened and made secure.

Convenience (handy to car parking ,shopping and transport)

We are centrally located in down town Wellington close to the railway station, the business district, parking buildings, bus stops and the main shopping area. So you can relax and do some shopping while we are working on your valuation.

Qualifications ( More then just a gemmologist)

We are qualified gemmologists and fellow members of Gem A and have been since 1983, having been tested and examined in coloured stone identification. Also studies with GIA and gained a Diamond Graduate qualification in all things diamond, combined with our background in manufacturing jewellery also gives us expertise in mounting analysis.

But most importantly of all, our principle Valuer is one of the few in New Zealand who holds a jewellery valuation diploma and has been educated and test qualified on international qualifications in gems and jewellery valuation principles, procedures and methodology. He holds a diploma and is bound by the ethics of the AiSociety.    

All this means that your job is done properly and correctly. 

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