Introducing our in store counter sketch studio.
So easy to use that you can design your jewellery yourself. Start by choosing from over 2000 designs. which you can then alter by working alongside one of our designers, or customise it yourself. Counter sketch is so easy to use, with sliders to enable you to change the shape of a stone, the number, the position and The colour, plus lots more. Once your creation has finished we can give you an estimate of price & The design can be printed with photo realism, for you to view & Try on. No more guessing what your piece will look like from a drawing. So come in & Try it yourself.

Get inspired by any of our beautiful prototypes, or search the full digital library of designs to narrow down their starting point options.
CounterSketch Studio allows you to create the perfect piece by changing center stones, accent stones, metal qualities, shanks, prongs, and much more right on-screen in full 3D.
When you want to add details or build completely new designs, Freehand, available inside CounterSketch Studio, gives you the tools to get creative using a library of around one thousand adjustable design elements.
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